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Holland Immo Group initiates investments in real estate (residential, retail, senior living/care and car park investments) in the Netherlands and Germany for private and institutional investors. The management team has a broad knowledge and experience in the fields of real estate selection and acquisition, asset and fund management and (cross-border) investment structures.

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About Holland Immo Group

Holland Immo Group is a Dutch provider of non-listed real estate investment funds for Dutch private investors and family offices and serves as asset manager for foreign institutional investors. Founded in 2001 by Manfred and Thomas Kühl: long-standing experience as investment, asset and fund manager (under AIFMD license), total team 24 professionals and total investments initiated since 2001 € 1,6 billion. Holland Immo Group’s investment strategy has focus on Dutch main stream residential or residential niche markets with potential (young professionals and senior living) and Dutch/European car parks. In Germany a large portfolio of retail warehouses (Fachmarktzentren) has been built up in close cooperation with developers in the German market. Holland Immo Group’s investors base consists of Dutch private investors, family offices and foreign institutional investors, investing in the Dutch residential and car park market.

Funds initiated55 funds, € 1,6 billion
Current AuM ultimo 2023€ 660 million
Number of employees24

Investment strategy and asset management services

  • Core investments with focus on Dutch main stream residential or residential niche markets (young professionals and senior living) and Dutch/European car parks;
  • Buy and build: acquiring (small scale) quality portfolios to build up large quality portfolio for Dutch private and (foreign) institutional investors;
  • Combining high professional standards with local knowledge of and presence in the Dutch and German market;
  • HIG has a long-standing experience and comprehensive network in the Dutch and German real estate market to source sustainable real estate investments at attractive yields;
  • HIG provides comprehensive asset and fund management services including tailored (financial) reporting to support investment, holding and divestment strategies for its private funds or its foreign institutional clients.

Asset Classes

Senior living/care
Car Parks



Founding Holland Immo Group by M. Kühl & T. Kühl

2001 – 2003

Dutch offices € 50 million

2003 – 2007

Dutch residential portfolios and Dutch retail portfolios € 450 million

2006 – 2007

Divestment of € 120 million Dutch portfolios (incl. all offices)

2008 onwards

€ 360 million German inner-city retail parks (Fachmarktcenters)

2012 onwards

€ 110 million inner-city and hospital car parks with tenants/operators like Q-Park, Interparking and APCOA


Divestment of German Fachmarkt centers portfolio € 130 million, sold to German institutional investor; Divestment of Dutch residential portfolio € 150 million, sold to German institutional investor

2017 onwards

Dutch residential portfolios € 366 million


The first senior living/care portfolios


The first Family funds; Divestment of German Fachmarkt centers portfolio € 75 million, sold to German institutional investors


Divestment of German Fachmarkt centers portfolio € 90 million, sold to German institutional investors As of November 2021, Holland Immo Group acquired by Primevest Capital Partners Holding


55 funds, € 1.6 billion. Divestment of Parking Fund portfolio € 85 million to institutional investors


Management Board

G.H.P. (Gaston) Hupkens, LL.M.

P.E.J. (Peter) Helfrich MSc.BA MSRE

B.T.J. (Bart) Pierik


Holland Immo Group has 24 professionals with investment management, financial and asset management expertise. For more information, click on the button below.

Team Holland Immo Group


AIFM Licence and Supervision

The Dutch Financial Markets Authority (AFM) has granted Holland Immo Group Beheer BV a licence as directed in article 2:65 para 1, sub a Financial Supervision Act (former Wft). The current directors of the Managers have been tested on reliability and expertise within the framework of the licence granted by the AFM. As of 22 July 2014 this licence has legally been converted into an Alternative Investment Fund Manager licence.

The prospectus of each new fund is approved in advance by the AFM on the basis of the so-called Prospectus Regulation and contains a fairness report from an external auditor in which the return calculations have been assessed in the light of reality, consistency and the generally accepted principles for financial reporting.

AIFM Depositary

In compliance with the Alternative Investment Fund Manager Directive (AIFMD), 2011/61/EU and article of the Financial Supervision Act (Wft) all funds set up after 22 July 2013 work with an independent and licensed depositaryTCS Depositary BV has been appointed depositary for the funds of Holland Immo Group.The depositary is responsible for supervision and monitoring tasks, which he conducts primarily in the interests of the Fund’s shareholders. The focus of the depositary activities lies in supervising the Administrator. The activities are laid down in an agreement certified by the AFM and include:

  • verifying that the issue price paid by the shareholders for the shares given to them are received in a bank account belonging to the funds;
  • verifying that all monies that belong to the assets of the funds are held in a bank account of the funds;
  • monitoring the payments and receipts of monies that belong to the assets of the funds and the reconciliation of these payments and receipts with the accounts that are kept for the funds;
  • verifying that the cash receipts take place on time;
  • verifying that dividends to the shareholders are paid out in compliance with the funds’ terms and conditions.

Car Park

Acquisition Profile Car Park Investments

Acquisition profile - EG Parking Fund Europe


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